SCB was started in 2002 by Coffee Shack, a tropical paradise right on the beach in the Transkei, a deeply traditional area of South Africa where you’ll experience a way of life far removed from Western culture.

Coffee Shack Backpackers, Coffee Bay
Coffee Shack Backpackers, Coffee Bay

We have a reputation of being a fun, good-value hostel with excellent facilities and the most amazing, friendly staff.

We offer camping, dorms and private rooms for international tourists. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, there are traditional thatched huts (dorms, doubles and en-suite rooms) across the river, at backpacker rates.

We offer day trips every day that the weather allows (we have on average 200+ days of sunshine per year). These range from sundowners and beach outings to unforgettable cultural experiences and coastal hikes – all with qualified guides.

Explore, discover and enjoy a unique taste of rural Africa!

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