Sustainable Coffee Bay has been overseeing this child headed household of 4 boys since 2007. Ninti, Thobile and Lukholo Marhenene are brothers and Mbulelo is their cousin who lives with them.

Sustainable Coffee Bay
Lukholo, Moses and Thobile

Acting as guardians, Sustainable Coffee Bay are involved in these boys’ lives on a daily basis by providing them with life skills, school support and nutrition. They have since grown into confident young teenagers with many new life skills.


Through support, education and surfing, these boys lives have been positively turned around.

Thobile’s loves surfing and surfs as often as he can; Lukholo enjoys art and fishing and even does all-night sessions at Mthatha River Mouth; Mbulelo has shown a great interest in cameras and Ninti has a part-time job at Coffee Shack and has also had a few surfing lessons.



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