The Local Schools Support Fund was started in 2004, when Pato Junior Secondary School approached Coffee Shack Backpackers for help. Their school, which had consisted of a ramshackle bunch of fallen down mud huts, had no funds to re-build the school.

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Pato Junior Secondary School 2004

Our original plan was to raise funds to rebuild the school for them. This however changed when the government stepped in and the Department of Education rebuilt Pato Junior Secondary School.  They then discovered that the rebuilding of the school did not necessarily mean the refitting of the furnishings…and to add to the dilemma, the contractors had used all the old furniture as firewood! So, although now housed in new classrooms, the children were sitting on the floor! The Pato Desk and Chair project became our main fundraising objective in 2004.

rural education, project, coffee bay, eastern cape
The new Pato Junior Secondary School – 2005

We made the notices for the toilet doors,

Are you sitting comfortably…?
Because the kids at our local schools aren’t –
they have no chairs or desks.

and since then Coffee Shack guests and visitors have been opening their hearts and wallets to this fund.  We have helped furnish many of the local Junior Secondary Schools with desks, chairs, burglar bars for computer labs and excursions on educational tours.

The local schools continue to approach Sustainable Coffee Bay with their needs and we continue to try to assist where we can.

A desk and chair should be a students right, not a privilege!  

We would love to expand this project to include career guidance for local schools.

If you would like any further information about the Local Schools Support fund, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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