The Ex-mine workers assistance project started because an extremely high percentage of men from the former Transkei worked on the mines as migrant labourers in the 1970’s and 1980’s and a small percentage still do. The Ex-mine workers assistance project started in 2010 when a few of the Coffee Bay ex-Anglo Platinum Mine workers approached us for assistance with trying to obtain their Provident funds from the company. Word started spreading and more and more ex-mine workers came to see us for assistance. By the end of 2011, there were groups of people coming to see us daily for assistance.

ex-mine workers,
An underground mine

With the majority of the ex-mine workers being illiterate, we bridge the gap of illiteracy by filling in their claim forms, assisting with the opening of bank accounts and obtaining the necessary documents. We have developed a good working relationship with Sanlam and would like to commend them for their efficient service that they provide to us.

This project now covers a very large geographical area and ex-mine workers living as far as 60km from Coffee Bay, come to us for assistance.   Some of the old men travel up to 6 hours on horseback to come and see us.

A good percentage of Ex-mine workers have received their funds (R2.9 million to date has been paid out or is in the process of being paid out) and this a great financial boost for the area. The Ex-mine workers assistance project has grown beyond all expectations and it is definitely the project with the least financial expenses and the highest financial returns!